Terms & Conditions


The sending of the online booking form (or by fax, mail, or by phone) confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below and shall be binding by all the persons stated on the booking form. Each booking will be confirmed by the owner as soon as reasonably possible after receipt of the signed booking form and appropriate non-refundable deposit.    Payment of the balance is due eight weeks prior to your arrival date. At this time we will also require a £250 /$500 refundable security deposit.  Full directions to the villa and the lock box number will be supplied once all payments are received.   Please note:- We cannot accept payment by credit or debit cards

The party leader on the booking form will be responsible on behalf of all members of the party for the total rental price of the property, as agreed.  If the full balance of the rental cost is not paid as in accordance to these terms, we will reserve the right to cancel your booking and the reservation deposit will be forfeited.


By reserving our home and payment of the rental rate, you confirm your acceptance to pay for any damages of any kind caused by your occupancy of the property. The cost of repairs and/or replacement will be deducted from your security deposit. The Security deposit of £250/$500 is fully refundable within 28 days after your check out date, providing there are no claims against it. In the event of excess damage of any kind, excessive cleaning costs by our management company or their agents or excessive use of electricity (caused by leaving outside doors open with the air conditioning on) the person (s) on the reservation will be held responsible for all additional costs which exceed the security deposit


Providing the villa owners receive written notice of cancellation not less than 10 weeks prior to the actual reservation start date, the person (s) on the reservation will not be liable to pay the balance. It is the responsibility of the person responsible for the reservation to ensure that the signed cancellation letter reaches the owner. The reservation deposit will be forfeited. If the cancellation is received after the 8 weeks prior to the start of the reservation, the responsible party is liable for the full balance of the rental. If the owner is successful in re-letting the property for all or part of the original reservation, then whatever is recovered will be refunded.


Non-swimmers and Children under the age of 18 must take care when using the swimming pool and must be accompanied and supervised by a capable adult. All occupants will use the swimming pool, AT THEIR OWN RISK & NO DIVING IN AND AROUND THE POOL IS PERMITTED. No glassware is permitted in the pool area, please utilise the plastic items provided.


Neither the owner nor the employees nor anyone directly or indirectly connected with the setting up of the holiday shall be liable for any loss, injury, damages, to any person or property of the client or additional expense, delay or inconvenience which may be occasioned either by any defect in any vehicle, appliance or equipment or through the acts, defaults or omission, of any company, firm or persons engaged in providing transport or other facilities or services in connection with the holiday or caused by force Majeure events such as flight delays or cancellations, adverse weather conditions, strikes, fire, flood or any other event beyond their control.


It is the client’s responsibility to take out adequate holiday insurance for all members of its party. In the event of a client becoming ill during the holiday, all holiday expenses are the client’s responsibility and the owner will not be liable for refund, either partial or total, of the passage or accommodation paid. You are strongly advised to take out an insurance to cover your complete trip from the UK (or wherever) until your return.


The accommodation booked cannot be sublet, shared or assigned and the clients shall occupy the villa in quiet and dignified manner, protecting all contents against damage, loss or theft. The client is responsible for making good any damage caused by him or her. In cases of any wilful damage or loss the owner reserves the right to cancel any arrangements made with the client without notice or compensation.

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that the villa is maintained to a high standard and that client is accommodated in the villa that is confirmed. Should the villa become uninhabitable or unavailable through accident or other unforeseeable reason the client will be offered an alternative villa and every effort will be made to ensure that such accommodation is of a similar or better standard. If this is not acceptable rental payments will be refunded in full.

Please ensure that on arrival any obvious damage or breakages are reported to the Management Company no later than mid day of the next day after arrival.  Failure to do say may render a claim on the security deposit by the owner.


You must read the Villa Handbook and be aware of your responsibilities whilst in our villa. It particularly important that you pay attention to the notes regarding rubbish/trash collection. The bins need to be placed at the kerbside a certain way as rubbish in Florida is now collected using a specially adapted vehicle.

Failure to comply will result in a fine, which will, in turn be passed on to the guest that is staying at that time.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the villa rooms, including but not restricted to, the garage, bathrooms, and bedrooms of living, dining or cooking areas. Smoking in the house will result in the loss of security deposit and any additional costs we may incur as a result.


Whilst it is unlikely that you should have a complaint about our holiday home, occasionally things may go wrong. Should there be any questions or should any unexpected problems arise relating to the premises, the Client must contact the Management Company as soon as possible and they will endeavour to rectify the matter. We will not accept liability for any dissatisfaction or other complaint not reported to our ‘Management Company’ during your stay. Contact details will be sent to the Client prior to arrival and these can also be found in the ‘House Manual’ at the villa. Clients should familiarise themselves with the manual upon arrival.


All brochure or website information is made in good faith and every care taken to ensure their accuracy, but no liability will be accepted for any error, mistakes, or omissions, which may arise.


For safety reasons and out of consideration for future guests please refrain from smoking inside the villa. Pets are not allowed.


The premises will be available for occupation from 4.00 PM on the first day of the rental period and must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed.


Our home is strictly NO SMOKING and NO PETS.